For Beeville defensive driving or online defensive driving for a ticket received in any Texas County, Coastal Bend College has your answer! We're a local Texas business that offers a driving safety course fully approved by the Texas Education Agency, not a California company offering a California course to Texas drivers.

The online driving safety course that we offer on this website can also be used to obtain an auto insurance discount of up to 10%! Check with your insurance provider to find out if you are eligible.

Employers with fleet vehicles should also consider sending employees through this course as a means to reduce losses from vehicular crashes. Studies show that drivers who complete the DTA Program for Driver Improvement are less likely to be involved in crashes or receive traffic tickets in the future.

Other names for this popular course include:

San Antonio defensive driving

Driving safety course Kingsville

Texas traffic ticket course

Corpus Christi online traffic school

Driver improvement Pleasanton

Alice deferred adjudication course

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Texas Defensive Driving Online

Texas drivers who have gotten a traffic ticket can take this course if a Texas judge, magistrate, or court has approved them to attend a defensive driving course (traffic school). This convenient, easy course is 100% online and fully approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

This course can also be taken voluntarily by a Texas driver for an automobile insurance discount of 10% or more. Check with your insurance company to find out if you are eligible.

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About the Online Texas Defensive Driving Course

The Driver Training Associates (DTA) Program for Driver Improvement course is a 6-hour driving safety course that has been approved by the Texas Education Agency for the purpose of ticket dismissal and auto insurance discount. This fast, easy, convenient alternative to traditional classroom traffic school has been taken by millions of Texas drivers.

Taking this defensive driving course for ticket dismissal

If you wish to take the online defensive driving course in order to get a Texas traffic citation dismissed, you should notify the court that this is your intention. The court will then enter a judgment on your plea of no contest or guilty at the time the plea is made. You will be given 90 days to complete the course. DTA's online defensive driving course is accepted by all Texas counties and jurisdictions.

What to do after you complete the defensive driving course

After you complete the course, you will need to provide the court with a copy of 1) your completion certificate; and possibly 2) a certified copy of your driving record. To order a copy of your driving record, click here and follow the instructions on the page. Many courts will also require that you provide them with an affidavit stating that you were NOT already taking a defensive driving course when you made your request to the court, nor did you complete a defensive driving course in the 12 months before the date of your offense for another ticket dismissal.

About the Auto Insurance Discount

Most Texas drivers who take the defensive driving course can receive a discount of up to 10% on their automobile insurance premium. This discount applies even if you are taking your defensive driving course for ticket dismissal. The auto insurance discount remains in effect over a 3-year period. We suggest that you contact your automobile insurance provider before taking this defensive driving course to learn their procedures for obtaining your insurance discount.

Texas drivers may only take the defensive driving course for insurance discount purposes once every 36 months.

How you can get an additional 5% insurance discount

76[R] HB 3757 authorizes a mandatory 5% auto insurance discount for Texas drivers who complete a 6-hour DADAP course. If you have already received a 10% Texas insurance discount for completing a 32-hour drivers ed course or a 6-hour defensive driving course, you can take DADAP for an additional 5%, resulting in a total insurance discount of 15%. If your policy is $1,000 a year, your total insurance savings would be $450 over a 3-year period!

Coastal Bend College Offers Defensive Driving Online!

Coastal Bend College is now offering a state approved driver safety course that can be taken totally online right here on this website. This unique new program provides the most convenient and flexible way to take a defensive driving course for individual ticket dismissal and auto insurance premium discount purposes*, or for business and industry safety training.

  • State and Court Approved
  • 100% Online
  • Self-Paced
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Research Proven Effective

*Most insurance providers support the defensive driving discount, but we invite all students to contact their insurance agents for verification.

Why Take Defensive Driving Online?

Getting your traffic ticket dismissed or lowering you insurance premiums by taking a defensive driving course in Texas has never been so flexible and convenient! The days of taking a day off of work or spending a weekend sitting through 6 straight hours in a classroom or renting a video are over.

Imagine being able to take a driver safety course from your home, work, or on a laptop from your hotel room. The online program we offer is completely self-paced. The site will supply you a unique username upon registration that allows you to log in and out of the course until you accumulate the state required 6 hours.

We understand the value of your time, and by taking the online course offered at Coastal Bend College, you will have the flexibility to fit the course into your normal schedule, rather than having to fit your schedule around the course. Get your ticket dismissed and start saving money today by clicking on the sign up for course button near the top of this page.

Remember, nobody offers a better online Beeville defensive driving course. For a speeding ticket in San Antonio, Beeville, Corpus Christi, Kingsville, Pleasanton, or Alice, choose Coastal Bend College's State approved online driving safety program.

To learn about the many other online programs offered by Coastal Bend College's Continuing Education department, please visit our website.

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